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Step into our world of culinary delight! In our award-winning restaurant, you can anticipate not only pleasant hours but also a diverse fusion of Austrian and international cuisine. Our sunny terrace provides the perfect backdrop to be pampered by an attentive team. Experience the artistry of our chef, Hans Lugstein, who masterfully practices his craft with passion. The exclusive wine selection complements your gourmet experience.

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We are pleased to offer the possibility to arrange special dates for larger groups.

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Without my half-handled meat fork and my palette scorched three times on the gas stove, I would immediately stop cooking!

Hans Lugstein, Chef in Restaurant 1er Beisl in Nußdorf am Attersee


Hans Lugstein

Apprenticeship with Karl Ernst Eschlböck in Plomberg at lake Mondsee

Important stations
The Culinary World Championship in 1989 in Norway brought the title of World Cooking Champion to Austria for the first time.

Cooking Style
Innovative, creative, traditional cuisine at an award-winning level

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Restaurant „1er Beisl“ im Lexenhof

One of those who has shaped the gastronomic landscape in Austria for decades is Hans Lugstein. Together with his wife Sabine, he runs the award-winning restaurant "1er Beisl" at the Lexenhof in Nußdorf am Attersee. The name of his mentor, Karl Eschlböck, is often associated with the name Hans Lugstein. Lugstein still considers his apprenticeship as one of the most formative times as a chef. The highlight of his career was bringing the title of Cooking World Champion to Austria for the first time.

My apprenticeship in the early 80s under Karl Ernst Eschlböck in Plomberg am Mondsee. No one would tolerate this type of training today. We often worked 24 hours a day. I cooked under Eschlböck for a total of four years, laying the foundation for my culinary education. It was here that my passion for cooking ignited. Regardless of the training one undergoes, those who choose this profession must master culinary classics such as Goulash or Beuschl.

Processing in whole pieces is simply essential! This is often forgotten today. It can't always be fillets; a good chef must be able to break down an entire animal and use all the pieces. The highlight of my career was the Cooking World Championship in 1989 in Norway. I was the first Austrian to win the world title at that time. Back then, I ran my restaurant in St. Georgen. The profession of a chef should be a tremendous motivation for the youth. They can work worldwide - in establishments that they might not otherwise afford.

Menu Surprise

Every Monday, we treat you to a surprise menu.

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Hans & Sabine Lugstein

Restaurant 1erBeisl

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